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  • Strainer
  • Ball Valves PN16 PN40
  • Level Gauges PBR UPR
  • Manometer Cocks
  • Boiler Blof Valve
  • Fire Hydrants
  • Glob Valves
  • Metal Bellow Valves
  • Hot Oil Valves
  • Metal and Caouthouc Compensators
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KLINGER Product Groups


Klinger, since the conception of the compressed-fibre gasket material and continual material development, possess the full range of sheet gasket materials. This coupled with semi-metallic and metallic gaskets and also compression packings allows Klinger to offer a complete range of sealing products for all applications.

Klinger’s range includes the following producs:

Maxiflex spiral wound gaskets
Maxiprofile high integrity gaskets
KLINGERSIL compressed fibre sheet
KLINGERtop-line modified PTFE and graphite range
Klinger Graphite
Ring Type Joints
High Temperature grades
Rubber, Cork & paper based materials
Klinger Compression Packings
Corrugated metal gaskets
Metal jacketed gaskets
Through the network of branches and distributors around the UK, Klinger can supply the Klinger range of sealing products along with additional items commonly used in plant environments, such as rubber lip seals, rubber mouldings, o-rings and hoses.

Automation of ball valves
Ball valves "Ball-o-top"
Ball valve "Ballostar"
Ball valve "Ballostar-A"
Ball valves "Chemoball"
RK-Chemoball - Qualität in Feinguß
Ball valve "Ecoball"
Ball valve "INTEC"
Wafer type ball valve "INTEC"
Economic wafer type ball valve "INTEC"
Ball valve "Monoball"
Ball valve
Twin ball valve
Ball valve "Monoball-Xc"
Ball valve "Monoball" LR
Ball valve "Proball"
RK-Needle valve NVK-HP
Piston valves KVn
Piston valve KVi
Piston valves KVMn
Piston valves KVSn

  • Overview Fluid Control

  • Piston valves

  • Needle valves

  • Ball valves

  • AB cocks

  • Level gauges

  • Automation

  • Sight glasses


Klinger Products

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