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1. Cast Iron Valves for Steam Line
2. Cast Iron Valves
3. Brass Valves
4. Fire Hydrants
5. Expansion Joints

Duyar Vana is founded in 1965 in Istanbul. Duyar Vana is one of the leading valve manufacturer in Turkey.
At DUYAR we are directly involved in stage of manufacture. From the purchasing of base materials through the casting and the machining operations right up to final assembly and testing.
At each stage quality has been foremost in our mind. Duyar Vana vertified by CE, GOST, ISO 9001:2000 quality certificates. Duyar Vana products are selling and marketing more than 35 countries. 17 of them are European countries.
Our policy is constant research and development us to introduce new and innovative products to meet our customer demands. Our products are gate valves, globe valves, butterfly valves, strainers, expansion joints, fire hydrants, bellows sealed valves, piston valves, ball valves.

All Products...

DCV 16 Lift Type Check Valve

DPT 06 Y Type Strainer

DPT 16 Y Type Strainer

DTKK 16 Inverted Bucked Steam Trap

DPV 16 Piston Valve

DMK 16 Metal Bellows Sealed Globe Valve

DGV 16 Glob Vana

DKC 16 Stop And Check Valve

DKDD 16 Full Bore Screwed Ball Valve

DDC 16 Disk Check Valve

DCS 16 Swing Check Valve

DKD 16 Full Bore Ball Valve

DKR 16 Reduced Bore Ball Valve

DKS 6 / DKS 10 Full Bore Ball Valve (Water)

DSV 04 Gate Valve

DSV 10 Gate Valve

DSV 16 Gate Valve

DCB 16 Butterfly Valve (Wafer Type)

DCBL 16 Butterfly Valve (Lug Type)

DSVI 10 Gate Valve With Indicator


DCKC 16 Dual Plate Check Valve

DYM 10 Rising Stem Gate Valve

DYM 16 Rising Stem Gate Valve

DAEV 16 Safety Valve (Weight Loaded)

DYEV 16 Safety Valve (Spring Loaded)

DKS 16 Full Bore Ball Valve

DRV 01 Radiator Valve

DKTD 16 Brass Ball Valve

DKTD 01 Gas Ball Valve Full Bore

DPTP 16 Brass Strainer

DCVP 16 Brass Check Valve

DYYH 16 Underground Hydrant

DYUH 16 Over Ground Fire Hydrant

DFK 16 Rubber Expansion Joint

DMKSL 16 Expansion Joint

DMKK 16 Expansion Joint (Welded Ends)

DMKKD 16 Expansion Joint

DMKD 16 Expansion Joint


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