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The Nessie® water hydraulic valve programme can be divided into flow, pressure and directional control valves.

VDHT valves
General usage high pressure solenoid valves:
The Nessie® VDHT valves are designed for applications in neutral and most aggressive media. Typical media are water, soap, neutral and aggressive gasses, light heating oil and cutting/cooling oil.

The Nessie® water hydraulic pumps are based on the axial piston principle making the pumps light and compact.
The pump design ensures water lubrication of all moving parts and thus no oil lubrication is required

The Nessie® motors are divided into two types: MAH motors based on the axial piston principle for high speed applications and MVM motors based on the vane principle for low speed applications.
The motor design ensures water lubrication of all moving parts and thus no oil lubrication is required.

Cylinders have been developed especially for water hydraulics. They have been designed in accordance with international standards and are available in several variants to suit individual requirements.

The Nozzles
The crucial element of the Nessie® Wood Concept is extremely fast steam generation. In fact, the range of droplets before steam generation is 70 times shorter compared with traditional low pressure systems (on identical temperature conditions). Combined with drop sizes 7 times smaller, the result is the most even and all-embracing evaporation in the market – greatly beneficial to the drying process and product quality.

Refrigeration and A/C

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