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Elmak Mac. Co., manufacturer of the Asteknik Butterfly Valves, distributes distinguished quality Asteknik Valves directly to its customers, from Turkey. Since 1976, being in the construction and armaturen market as a wholesaler, Elmak gained experience to start the production with the trade name of Asteknik Valve in 1985. Since 1985, we have been serving to valve market with the sense of commitment not only to the industry, but also to quality people, modern facilities, progressive attitudes, ethical standards and sense of responsibility.
More than 40% of Elmak's annual production is destinated to European and overseas markets.
Asteknik Valve knows that maximum customer satisfaction in our production and service will soon make our productsrecognized as a global trademark. We believe that our most special advantage is with our direct and flexible works we can serve our customers with the custom tailored production. We also provide an excellent "after sales service" with spare parts being held in stock for immediate delivery.

Why Butterfly Valve?
100% tight shut off and no leakage.
Low pressure loss.
High opening and closing performance.
More strength with less weight
Simple installation and mounting.
Easy repair or maintenance and long service life.

Where to Use Butterfly Valve?
Hot and cold water lines
Acids-alcali, base and salty conditions
Viscous liquids
Power generation industry
Purification plants
Air conditioning technology
Pneumatic material handling technology
Fire extinguishing systems
Chemical and petrochemical industry
Ship building
Food and beverage industry
Civil engineering
Pulp and paper industry
Gas and exhaust lines
And other liquid mediums

Installation and Maintenance Manual
Compliance with piping and flanges:
Ensure that the valve is to be mounted between the flanges of piping.
Make sure that the flange diameter enables the movement of the disc.
Butterfly valves have to be mounted between welding neck flanges.

Installation of butterfly valve on line-general:
Butterfly valves have 2 directions.
Valve shaft should be opened horizontally and the lower part of disc on flow direction. (Especially for easily solidified liquids)
As valve is a precise and reliable unit and should not be used as a flange separator. (Body seat may be damaged)

Installation of butterfly valve on an old line:
1- Make sure that the valve can be easily entered between the flanges. If necessary use a flange spreader.
2-Set the disc in the closed position, so it keeps 5-10mm inside the body.
3- Put the valve between the flanges, center the body and insert the bolts.
4- Completely open the valve.
5- By keeping the valve on the same level with the flanges, remove the flange spreader and tighten the nuts by hand.
6- Close the valve slowly, and make sure that the disc rotates easily.
7- Set the disc again wide open. Screw the bolts on diagonal position.

Installation of butterfly valve on a new line :
1-When the disc is half opened, adjust 2 flanges and connect it between flanges with a few bolts.
2-Install the unit on the line.
3-Strengthen the flanges to the line by a few points of welding.
4-Loosen the bolts and remove the valve from the flanges. (Flanges shouldn't be welded when the valve is connected)
5-Finish the flange welding and wait till it gets cooler.
6-Install the valve by following instructions of " installation on an old line".


Uninstallation of the valve from line :
1- Set the valve to half closed position.
2- Loosen all the screws and take the screws, which prevent the valve from removing.
3- Put the flange spreaders and remove the valve.

Uninstallation of the valve :
1- Set the valve fully open position.
2- Loosen all the screws and take the screws which prevent the valve from removing.
3- Remove the shaft. (Use a special tool or hand clamp)
4- Separate the disc by moving on body seat. (Push the disc to rotate)
5- Remove the body seat. Loosen it from a given point. Give a "heart" shape and remove from the body.

Remounting of the valve :
1- Clean all the components. To make the work easier use a silicon spray if it is possible.
2- Bring the big hole side of the body seat to the top flange side of the body.
3- Install the heart shaped body seat. By using the shaft, enable the upper side to look at the shaft bearing. Let the body seat gets in its original place by getting larger.
4- While replacing the disc, the flow direction marks should be on the bottom side. (reverse direction of the top side of valve)
5- Replace the shaft, disc, body seat on the same axis. To make the operation easier rotate the disc.
6- Align the shaft faces on the disc axis. Place the shaft completely, discharge the air in the shaft bearing. (Replace the seat slowly with a screwdriver.)
7- Install it on the place in line.

Assemble of Wafer Check Valves
Wafer check valves gives high performance only when mounted correctly. The rules which should be taken into account during mounting of wafer check valves.

When check valve is connected into the system, axis of check valve, flanges and gaskets should be same. Otherwise disc cant be opened completey and causes turbulence and pressure increases.

A: According to pump exit, flow direction must be towards the open end of the disc.

B: Check valve must be mounted 5XDN away from pump exit because of turbulence.

C: According to pump exit, flow direction should not be towards the disc shaft.


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